"Pictures you can feel yourself in."

We know that nice feeling when someone listens to us. It is at least as good to be seen!

30_03_21_015 Kopie.jpg
2021_07_Kindsvater_046 Kopie.jpg

I try to avoid photos where you stand perfectly next to each other and smile into the camera. Of course I will give you a framework and small instructions, but mostly you move as you are and as you want. It is especially beautiful for the children. They are allowed to be who they are and enjoy your undivided attention.

There is so much beauty and love in all the myriad details everywhere in between, just waiting to be revealed.  Let me see the beautiful connections that exist between you and capture and hold onto a piece of it forever.  I can't wait to meet you and your family soon and create wonderful memories for you! Write me!

"Great stories full of heart and joy."

Pictures that show your deep connection and how much you are loved! For now, for later, forever.