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behind thescenes

4 family, 1 maternity & 1 couple session


Come with me to beautiful photoshoots!! Look over my shoulder as I capture emotional, authentic pictures and videos, create small experiences full of joy for my customers and tell stories full of love. I like creating experiences for my customers, staging here and there, relying on the moments that are natural and candid.

I show you my camera settings, give you a lot of different background information about my approach, about light, posing or unposing, location, styling, and much more.

You see me, how I react to different challenges,

respond individually to the needs of the dear people in front of my camera, being present and creating memories that go far beyond just images.

TheYou can watch recordings at your own pace and as often as you want. You have at least one year access to all included videos.


Total 105 minutes BTS videos

The bundle consists of  aus three different BTS videos & an additional three short bonus Behind the Scenes, which I am happy to include in this package for you.

Sunrise November session

Glowing skies after the storm - family session

Golden hour snow shoot

Couple session - a perfect date

Adventure family session in the Bavarian Alps

Maternity session on the river in front of a fantastic mountain backdrop


English German

Frau sitzt am Wasser


"The BTS have become so good! Your explanations in the background are also really useful to me! I'm looking forward to implementing the new ideas."

Glückliche Fotografin

I'm super inspired!

"Meega videos! You can tell that you really put your heart into it and there's sooo much more info than I thought! Thank you!!"

Keep helping!

"Thank you very much for your work!! Your course helps me a lot! And so good to be able to look directly over your shoulder while taking photos!"

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