Anna Dokupil


"The power of stories - yours is also waiting to be told in pictures."

Mein Name ist Anna Dokupil und ich bin Fotografin am Chiemsee. Ich arbeite als Familienfotografin und schaffe Bilder und Videos. Als Fotografin bin ich hier für Familien, Paare und Schwangere im Chiemgau.  

Als eure Familienfotografin bin ich überwiegend im Chiemgau und im bayrischen Voralpenland unterwegs. Dabei fotografiere ich Familien aus Bayern und Urlauber rund um den Chiemsee. Dabei setzt ich auf sehr natürliche Familienbilder

As your photographer, I am mainly on the road around Lake Chiemsee. The numerous dream locations here in the Bavarian foothills of the Alps on, in & between mountains and lakes are waiting for us!

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2022_04_Familie_Boeck_009-Bearbeitet Kopie.jpg
2022_04_Familie_Boeck_043-Bearbeitet Kopie.jpg

And how beautiful and priceless it is to capture how lovingly and protectively the mother holds her child, with what proud eyes the man looks at his wife, the little brother looks up at the big one, the sound of children's laughter or how everyone is holding on... Memories blur, images remain.

I find your beautiful sides and know how to put you in a great light. If you trust me and open up, the images you desire will emerge.

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"IT'S YOUR moments worth remembering!"

So much beauty and love lies in countless details everywhere in between and just waiting to be made visible.  Let me see and capture the beautiful connections that exist between you.

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Dolo with family

"Dear Anna, we just felt very comfortable with you and it was really like balm for the soul to shoot with you! Thank you for the wonderful experience and the magical pictures! A real souvenir for all of us! A little family childhood memory forever  captured! Thanks!"

2021_07_Zettler_internetauflsg_027 Kopie.jpg

Susana with family

We've wanted family pictures for a long time. They should be natural, authentic and out in the open air. They should show our family as we are, radiating our love, happiness and freedom. We are very happy and grateful that we found Anna to be our family photographer.  Anna works very professionally and with perfection down to the last detail! She guided us and especially the children through the photo shoot with a lot of feeling and creativity. In addition, she created wonderful moments in which we as a family not only felt very comfortable, but also very happy and private. We literally 'forgot the world around us' and this lakeside sunset adventure was incredible for us as family mates. And that is exactly what Anna achieves with her work as a photographer, what she captures with her camera and reproduces in her emotional pictures. We proudly look at our beautiful family photos and feel how much luck kissed us that day at Lake Chiemsee. Thank you dear Anna for your passionate commitment, your artistic flair for 'the whole' and above all for your professional support and advice before the shoot!

2021_07_Scheibenbauer_internetauflsg_038 Kopie.jpg

Corinna with family

We decided to do a family photo shoot at your place on Lake Chiemsee as a gift for our mom. The long journey was more than worth it, because your warm personality made us all feel very comfortable from the first second. The location was perfectly chosen, your commitment was passionate and boundless (not even the cold lake could stop you) and the relaxed and informal atmosphere made the time fly by. The shooting was great fun - even the children were enthusiastic! The results turned out incredibly beautiful, we can't get enough of the photos! We've wanted family photos for a long time, but we never thought they would turn out so beautiful. Thank you, dear Anna, for the great afternoon and the wonderful pictures!